Join us for yoga in our Spa Room led by Anjali Bermain. 

Anjali Bermain is a 500 Hr Kripalu certified yoga teacher who has been teaching since 2011. She blends vinyasa and hatha styles to create flowing but focused, fun yoga classes. Her yogic studies began in 2002 with Marcia Albert, a yogi from the Desikachar School, a lineage whose principals Anjali continues to blend into her classes. 

    In 2011, she embarked on her first of many extensive travels through India. During a solo trip through the south, she completed a 10-day Vipassana silent meditation course, from which she often draws upon when teaching meditation techniques. She also passionately studies Ayurveda, taking those principals into account when designing her classes. 

    Anjali adapts her teaching to her students, adjusting each practice for them physically as well as mentally. She teaches all levels of yoga and tends to practice a flowing, vinyasa style of class.