The Market at Hasbrouck House

A Curated Vendor Market & Experiential Workshop Series

Saturday, June 10th 11am - 6pm & Sunday, June 11th 11am - 5pm

Artisans and small business owners will come together to share their collective enthusiasm about their passion projects with you. The events will foster positive energy by piquing curiosity and enriching minds. Along with a curated group of vendors, there will be multiple workshops hosted each weekend. We aim to ignite the senses and instill inspiration that lingers for days to come. All are welcome!

June's Vendors Include: Aubry Woodworks, Bohemian Groove on the Move, Intiearth, Ohayo, Perfumera CuranderaPrizes for Arla Vintage, Royal Native, Sawkill Farm, Silke Jacobs, The Ardent Forager, The Village Common, Tidy Thyme and  Wishbone Letterpress.


$25/pp. Advance ticket purchase recommended; tickets will be available onsite on a first-come, first-serve basis to fill any remaining spots.

To purchase tickets please visit Tidy Thyme's website.

We'll open the workshop with a brief cleansing and intention setting ritual. The workshop will explore philosophies and techniques of:

  • Metaphysics
  • Meditation
  • Visualization
  • Magic
  • Intention Setting
  • The Power Of Plants

...all as tools for spiritually and physically cleaning our spaces, creating positive, protected sanctuaries for emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.

To close the workshop each participant will practice these techniques as we collectively perform the ritual of blessing and cleansing the workshop space.

Each participant will leave with a take-away that outlines these techniques for Intentional Cleaning.