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Hasbrouck House is the proud winner of the 2018 The Americas’ Most Romantic Retreat via the World's Best Boutique Hotel Awards.

"We thought places like this existed only in our wildest dreams or on our “Vacation Goals” Pinterest boards." - Pure Wow 2018

"For our team of design lovers, the property was pure magic from an aesthetic standpoint — unique wallpapers, brass fixtures, original fireplaces, marble, and sumptuous textures blended together — but we left the trip even more in awe of the attention to detail for us as guests." - Design Sponge 2018

"What makes the property extra special is that even though it has every modern amenity you could want, the historic integrity of the gorgeous stone home has been honored and preserved. Somehow, the updated decor, new bathrooms, and upscale furniture compliments the nearly 260 year old structure perfectly." - Compass + Twine, October 2016

"Every city dweller needs a country escape: somewhere to see the sparkle of actual stars and not hear the rumble of the subway every three and a half minutes. For New Yorkers, that should be Hasbrouck House in Stone Ridge, about two hours north of the city." - DuJour Magazine, October 2016

"A get-out-of-town dream come true." - Hotel Tonight

“Super attentive staff oversees a no-expenses-spared vacation home for New Yorkers in need of a break. It's luxe but not louche, high-end but not stuffy, foodie-focused but not myopic when it comes to guest desires. And there are myriad activities and paths to rest and relaxation.” - FATHOM, 2019

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