Wellness at Hasbrouck House

Services are available by appointment only in our private wellness room, or we can bring the healing to you for a luxurious in-room experience. Wellness services must be booked no later than one week prior to stay to guarantee availability. We will do our best to accommodate any booking requests that are requested with less than a week's notice. Any services canceled within 24hrs will be charged in full. To inquire please email hello@hasbrouckhouseny.com or contact the front desk at 845.687.0736. 


Massage (Deep tissue, Swedish, Pre-natal)  

60 min - $165, 90 min - $225

Massage can improve range of motion in the body, enhance immunity by stimulating lymph flow, promote tissue regeneration by improving circulation, and lessen depression and anxiety through the release of endorphins.  Give your body the care it deserves.

Couples Massage

60 min - $385, 90 min - $495

Two sets of hands, two tables and twice the relaxation. In a serene, shared space you and your loved one will receive hands on bodywork that will melt tension and restore your glow.  Touch is incredibly healing.  When muscles hold tightness over long periods of time it affects our posture and the overall flow of our organs and energy.  Hands-on work to undo knots and to bring in soothing rhythms is an age old and cross-cultural remedy.  If you have both been on the run, this is an ideal experience to loosen up, receive and feel embraced by the deliciousness of life, together.

Private Yoga

1-2 People: 60 min - $165 // 90 min - $225

3-8 People: 60 min - $225 // 90 min - $280

Awaken, energize, strengthen and relax.  Private yoga sessions are tailored to your individual needs to align your body, breath and mind, through the art of yoga. Balance is a practice and a skill we can develop, yoga leads the way. Vinyasa Yoga uses movement to awaken the body, an active practice that leads to deep rest. Restorative Yoga uses props to create delicious shapes to gently open the body as you relax deeply.  All yoga sessions contain a closing guided meditation, setting you up for the best rest of the day ever.


To inquire please email hello@hasbrouckhouseny.com or contact the front desk at 845.687.0736.